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    Fender Stratocaster (MIJ: 1987-88)

    • Details

      Made in Japan at the Fuji-gen Plant 1987-88

      Alder body 
      Maple neck and 21-fret fingerboard
      Fender ceramic single-coil pickups
      Standard Strat-style controls
      2 x roller string trees
      Gotoh tuners

      Does NOT come with hard case or case candy.

      In generally excellent condition, particularly for its age, but has been partially roadworn and partially, stylistically reliced. Looks canny good, we reckon!

      Gold Set-up
      This guitar has had one of our GOLD set-ups, including coated Elixir strings (Worth over £50.00 in total!)

      For more information regarding our set-ups, click here.