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    Epiphone EA-250

    • Details

      Manufactured by Matsumoku in Japan in the early 1970's.


      Matsumoku also manufactured the nearly identical Univox Coily but these were released in the USA under the Epiphone brand.


      Maple laminate/plywood body

      Bolt-on maple neck with bound rosewood fretboard

      Two double-coil pickups with chrome covers

      Bigsby-style vibrato system (It's not a Bigsby but it operates similarly)

      Abalone "E" logo on scratchplate


      In amazing condition considering its age; it does have some light surface scratches on the body, headstock and scratchplate, but certainly not as many as you'd expect for a used guitar its age! The body also has a couple of tiny dings in the paint and some paint cracks which are to be fully expected of a guitar this old, and doesn't affect the structural integrity of the guitar!


      It's worth nothing that, as part of the set-up process, we have added substantial shim in the neck joint in order to align the next to the best of its potential (pictured). It's been done properly and works a treat!

      Gold Set-up

      This guitar has had one of our GOLD set-ups, including branded strings (Worth over £40.00 in total!)


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