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    Fender Telecaster TLG80-50 (1986)

    • Details

      Made in Japan

      "A" serial number - suggesting that is was made in the FujiGen Plant between 1985-86, not long before the production of the TLG80-60s, which had the serial printed on the headstock beneath the Fender logo. 


      Matching painted headstock

      All gold hardware


      Believed to have either an alder or linden body

      Maple neck

      Rosewood fretboard


      Has been used in its 30+ years and shows some signs of it, too!

      This includes:

      • A chip on the very tip of the headstock (we've all been there!)
      • Some surface scratches across the body and headstock (typical, especially on black guitars)
      • A couple of deeper scratches and dings on the back of the body
      • A chip on the edge of the body, near to the jack input
      • Some general wear to the gold hardware, which very difficult to avoid with gold hardware this age but a good sign of some vintage gear!


      Gold Set-up

      This guitar has had one of our GOLD set-ups, including branded strings (Worth over £40.00 in total!)

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