• Second-Hand Travel Guitar

    Martin Backpacker (1997)

    • Details

      An original mk.1 model of the Martin Backpacker; a super portable guitar with a completely unique design!

      Made entirely from one piece of solid mahogany
      (headstock, neck and body!)
      Rosewood fretboard
      2 x strap buttons (and strap recommended)

      Unlike many similar travel guitar designs, it plays wonderfully and completely in tune up and down the neck (the least you could expect from a Martin product!)

      Comes with a bespoke padded gig bag for taking with you just about anywhere - chuck it in the back of the car, stick it in the overhead storage on a flight, carry it to the top of a mountain!

      In excellent condition all round, with very little to no signs of wear to speak of. 

      Gold Set-up
      This guitar has had one of our GOLD set-ups, including 12 gauge coated Elixir strings (Worth over £50.00 in total!)

      For more information regarding our set-ups, click here.