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    Reliced Strat (Aria STG-003)

    • Details

      This project guitar started life as an Aria STG-003; a nice entry-level Strat. It's had a few upgrades and a relic job, giving it a completely one-off finish!

      Basswood body
      Bolt-on maple neck with techwood fretboard
      Aria single-coil pickups
      Volume and tone controls
      3-way pickup selector

      In great condition... you know... apart from the relic job it's had. It's supposed to look like that, we promise! 

      Due to the upgraded pickups in the neck and bridge positions, the middle pickup leaves a little to be desired. It sounds as though it is out of phase but we can assure you that it's wired up correctly - it's just not as high an output pickup!

      It also plays with a little bit of buzz as the expense of going for an ideal action; if you can't tolerate the buzz then you may need to have the action raised a little!

      Silver Set-up
      This guitar has had one of our SILVER set-ups, including a fresh set of strings (Worth over £30.00 in total!)

      We'd usually give our second-hand guitars a GOLD set-up, but we thought there wasn't much point due to the nature of the relic job.

      More info on our Set-Ups HERE.