• Second-Hand Guitar

    SX 8665

    • Details

      Basswood body
      Maple neck
      Rosewood effect fretboard

      Single-coil pickups

      Volume and tone controls
      Diecast chrome machine heads

      D'Addario strings

      A solid Strat-style guitar on a budget!


      This guitar was brought to us by a regular customer who'd bought it elsewhere with a complaint of some sharp, overhanging frets. This can often be a symptom of cheaper-made guitars but we've rarely seen it from SX branded stuff. We have filed down and finished the frets to a luthier standard, a premium job that's made this neck feel a higher standard than even a brand new one! 


      Upon reattaching the neck, some of the paintwork chipped (another symptom of cheaper guitars, unfortunately). This has been filled in and isn't too noticeable with it being on the underside of the joint. /

      Other than this, the guitar is in almost brand-new condition, with perhaps a small surface mark here and there that it's picked up on its way to the shop.


      Gold Set-up

      This guitar has had one of our GOLD set-ups, including branded strings (Worth over £40.00 in total!) - and that's not including the fret work!


      For more information regarding our set-ups, click here.