• Second-Hand Electro-Acoustic

    Takamine EG541C

    • Details

      Takamine NEX body shape
      (Essentially a scaled-down jumbo)

      Spruce top
      Nato back and sides
      Natural gloss finish
      Mahogany neck
      20-fret rosewood fingerboard
      Takamine TK40-T Preamp
      - 3-band EQ and volume controls
      - Notch filter and contour controls
      Takamine chrome tuners

      In great condition in general, though does show somes signs of wear. Due to its black finish, shallow surface scratches become far more noticeable (pictured). This covers the majority of the body but is a somewhat unavoidable trait of black guitars!

      It is also worth noting that this guitar suffers from an ailment common with Takamine G series guitars - a less-than-perfect action. We've set it up to the best of its potential, but we're still not 100% happy with it. Still fully playable, just less forgiving than most other guitars. 

      Gold Set-up
      This guitar has had one of our GOLD set-ups, including coated Tanglewood strings (Worth over £45.00 in total!)

      For more information regarding our set-ups, click here.