Second-Hand Boost Pedal

TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster

  • Details

    An ultra-compact booster pedal with a fully analog design.

    "Kick your playing into high gear with SPARK MINI BOOSTER, a stompbox-wonder that features a completely clean boost with some serious tone enhancement under the hood once you really start cranking things.

    With a full 20 dB of boost, SPARK MINI BOOSTER is a great clean booster. Keep turning that knob and it’ll start working its magic driving gear into peak performance! No matter what your style or set-up, this musical miracle will maximize your potential – but let your core tone shine through completely unaltered.

    SPARK MINI BOOSTER instantly understands whether you want the pedal to be on permanently when you hit the footswitch, or just when you hold the footswitch down. Which totally rocks for both ‘always-on’ and ‘emphasizing passages’ situations."

    In great condition all round, but does have a tiny nick and slight scuff on bottom.
    Requires a 9v power supply (not included).
    Comes with box and instructions pamphlet.