Brand New Tremolo Stomp Box

Mooer Triangolo Tremolo

  • Details

    "TRIANGOLO houses an advanced digital algorithm which provides the user with ultimate control and some awesome features which can’t be found on other pedals in this price range.

    Select between TRIANGULAR, SQUARE and SAW TOOTH tremolo shapes - This alters the attack and release of the effect with some very interesting results. Cranking the control round to X will set TRIANGOLO off into a fit of uncertainty as it sporadically regurgitates tremolo patterns with completely random repeats.

    As with most tremolo pedals, there is a classic speed control for the more traditionalist among us who likes to set it and leave it.

    For the more adventurous players, set the sub-division knob to your favourite rhythmical pattern and hold down the footswitch for real-time tap tempo control. Perfect for syncing your trem sounds up in a live gig situation."

    Full metal shell
    True bypass
    DC 9V Adapter power supply required