Guitar/Bass/Ukulele Online Lessons Now Available
via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Whatsapp, FB Messenger

We currently transitioning lessons back into the shop, subject to availability, but both online and in-person lessons are available interchangeably at the same price.

One-to-one tuition for guitar, bass, ukulele and drums!

We have three experienced teachers, each with their own fully kitted-out tuition rooms, ready to teach people of all abilities and musical backgrounds, from age 5 upwards. 


Between them, they have taught hundreds of students since we opened in 2006. 

Lessons are tailored to suit your own personal ambitions and ability, so they're ideal whether you're a complete beginner or just looking to brush up on your skills. 

We also offer two-to-one lessons at a slight discount if you're looking for something to do with a friend or family member. 


Guitar, bass and ukulele lessons are available throughout all regular opening hours (plus evenings, subject to availability) on weekdays and and Saturdays.

Drum lessons take place after 5pm on Mondays and Tuesdays.





30 mins............. £15.00

1 hour............... £25.00




30 mins..............£20.00

1 hour............... £30.00

Larger groups can be organised, just get in touch!

To get booked in or for any other enquiries, pop in or give us a call: (01207) 583782


Q: When exactly do lessons take place?

A: Guitar, bass and ukulele lessons can be booked for any time on weekdays, subject to availability. We save our 3:30 and onwards slots on weekdays as after-school slots, for those that can't come any other time due to school/sixth form. We also teach all day from 9:00-5:00pm on Saturdays. Lessons that fall on bank holidays will be called off/rearranged as the shop will be closed. 

Q: What if I need to cancel my lesson?

A: As long as we receive notice of cancellation more than 48 hours before the lesson is due, we can carry the advanced payment to the following week's lesson. Failing to notify us of a cancellation with more than 48 hours notice will result in you losing your advanced payment, meaning that you will need to pay double upon arriving for your next lesson in order to get back on track. (This includes the occurrence of a Force Majeure Event). This gives us enough time to reschedule your lesson and potentially fill the space if someone else needs to reschedule. It also helps to discourage last-minute cancellations and no-shows, as we've still got to pay the staff for showing up!

Please be aware that we require a minimum of 7 days notice ahead of lessons booked for Saturdays that land on bank holiday weekends - this is because of the higher frequency of cancellations and the number of people who understandably use this time to go on holiday. If we find that there are a lot of people cancelling, the 7 days gives us enough time to call off all lessons for that day. 

Q: What if my tutor needs to cancel? 
A: Tutors will always strive to give you the same 48 hours notice that you are expected to give, unless in an absolutely unavoidable situation. In either case, you will not lose any money and, as your lesson is paid for, that payment will roll over to your next lesson. 

Q: Do I need to pay for a multiple lessons in advance? 

A: No - We require that all lessons are paid for in advance, but there is obligation to pay for more than just your next lesson. We ask that you pay double for your first lesson and are then in essence paying for your next lesson each week. We can arrange paying for multiple lessons in advance but cannot offer a bulk discount. ​

Q: Does my lesson have to be the same time each week?

A: Due to high demand, our after-school weekday slots and Saturday slots are to be booked strictly for the same time each week. For lessons that occur during the day on weekdays, we can arrange them as we go if necessary, but in our experience - keeping lessons regular is very beneficial to learning.

Q: Where do the lessons take place?

A: We have three fully kitted-out rooms upstairs in the shop; one for each of our tutors. Two guitar/bass/ukulele rooms and one larger room that accommodates two drum kits. 

Q: What are the age limits for tuition?

A: Our minimum age limit is as follows: 

Ukulele - Age 5-6

Guitar/Bass - Age 7-8

Drums - Age 9

This is due to the physical size of each of the instruments, but consider this a rough guide depending on the size of the individual.

We have no upper age limit and often say that it's "never too late" to begin learning an instrument - don't let age be an obstacle! 

Q: Do I need to bring my own instrument/drum sticks?
A: We'd always recommend that you have your lesson on the instrument/with the sticks you'll be practising with at home, but we can provide these if you'll find it hard to bring your own or if you're a beginner and haven't got your own yet!

Q: What about if I'm left-handed?

A: Unfortunately, due to space limitations, we do not have a left-handed guitar, bass or ukulele to lend out, so you will be required to bring your own instrument. And due to time limitations, we cannot accommodate drummers who use a traditional left-handed set-up, as swapping the kit around would take up half of the lesson!

Q: Do you do lessons for longer times/larger groups?

A: Generally speaking, we only offer one-to-one and two-to-one lessons - but give us a ring and we'll be happy to try and work something out. 

Q: Do you do "Grades" and Grade Exams

A: We do not currently have the jurisdiction to officially sit grade exams. However, our tutors have helped students attain their grades elsewhere by helping them with the required pieces and other work.

Q: Do you do gift cards for lessons?

A: Yes, we have gift cards available which can be purchased towards any amount of lessons or for any cash value. Please note that cash value gift cards can be used towards lessons, but we cannot transfer lesson gift cards to their monetary equivalent.


See some of our

students in action!


Matt - Manager

Matt, who runs the shop, has been teaching drums since the shop opened in 2006.

He began playing aged 12 and has performed with a plethora of bands over the years, playing a huge variety of different styles all across the UK and Europe. 

Biggest Drumming Inspiration: Stewart Copeland 
Career Highlight: Recording a live session at Maida Vale for BBC Radio 2

Rhian - Full-Time Tutor

Rhian has been teaching at Steel Town Music since 2011. He's our all-rounder; teaching guitar, bass and ukulele. He first picked up the bass guitar aged 12, began gigging at age 14 and has gone on to perform across the UK and Europe with Matt.

Biggest Bass Inspiration: Rocco Prestia
Career Highlight: Meeting Cyril Neville when supporting The Royal Southern Brotherhood

Dave - Freelance Tutor

Dave has been part of the team since the shop opened in 2006. He has played guitar since the age of 13 and has performed in a number of bands up and down the UK, as well as appearing as a session musician on several studio albums. His broad musical knowledge can explained by his vast record collection! 

Biggest Guitar Inspiration: Steve Howe

Career Highlight: Supporting Devil Driver in 2010