We set up and repair all acoustic, electric & bass guitars and do basic restrings and repairs on banjos, ukuleles, mandolins, violins etc.


Our experienced staff take care of repairs and set-ups in store, so our prices are much more competitive than private luthiers.

Complete Set-Ups

We have packages for popular set-up combinations, meaning that we can do several jobs at once for a discounted price.


Be aware that these prices are a basic guide and are subject to rise depending on the extent of the work required.


They also do not include replacing any missing parts such as springs, machine heads, etc. or extra work such as soldering, if required. 

Bronze Set-up

£15.00 + Strings

  • Restring

  • Basic Clean

Silver Set-up

£25.00 + Strings

  • Restring

  • Clean-up

  • Action Adjustment

Gold Set-up

£35.00 + Strings

  • Restring

  • Clean-up

  • Action Adjustment

  • Truss rod Adjustment

  • Intonation Check

  • Internal/Electrical Clean-up

  • Electrical Check-up

  • Pickup Height Adjustment

  • Hand-Buffed Frets & Hardware

Platinum Set-up

£60.00 All In

  • Restring (For coated/specialist strings, you will be charged the difference!) 

  • Clean-up

  • Action Adjustment

  • Truss rod Adjustment

  • Intonation Check

  • Internal/Electrical Clean-up

  • Electrical Check-up

  • Pickup Height Adjustment

  • Hardware Ultrasonic Cleaning:

       - Bridge, screws, anything removable

(Pro-standard strings included)

and safe to clean

for protection)

else with the correct plating

  • Machine Buffing: 

       - Frets (your neck will be taped up        

- Stubborn, rusty screws & anything    

Set-Up / Repair Jobs

We offer a range of individual set-up jobs, all of which are equally important in order to have your guitar playing at its absolute best.

If you've an old guitar with a lot of fret wear, or one pesky fret that's higher than the rest, you may want to consider a fret lowering/dressing. This involves levelling off the frets either in the affected area or across the entire neck in order to get all the strings playing how they should. We need to see the guitar in person in order to give an accurate quote, so just pop in!

If you find that your guitar sounds out of tune the further up the neck you play, then your intonation may need setting up. Make sure to do this before recording!


If you find that notes are choking out and are confident that you have no high frets, you may need the truss rod in your neck adjusting.

We can make any acoustic guitar in to an electro-acoustic by installing a piezo pickup under the bridge. So whether you have a favourite acoustic that you're dying to perform with, or you're tired of using a separate microphone for your guitar at gigs, this could be your answer!


No-one likes a filthy guitar! Dirt can not only look nasty and seriously affect your swagger, it can also get inside your guitar and begin to affect the electrics as well.


Crackly pots and poor connections can really interfere with practice, gigs and recording so be sure to get them checked out.


Bring your guitar to us and we'll have it looking and sounding as good as new!


Many people underestimate just how quickly strings can begin to get dirty and lose their tonal qualities, so it's really important to change your strings regularly.


Strings are available from £5.99 for most stringed instruments, however bass strings start from £14.99.


You will receive your instrument with strings fully stretched out and tuned. Restrings start at £5.00 depending on the guitar.

Piezo Installation ................. £40.00 + Pickup

This includes balancing the pickup - an essential process that ensures that each string has an equal volume.

There's nowt worse than having an extra loud B string and a D string that might as well not even be there!

Note: Add £10.00 to all prices for 12-string guitars and guitars with a

Floyd Rose tremolo system - they can take a while!

We also have a £10.00 surcharge for any urgent, same-day jobs as they'll need to skip the queue and keep others waiting!

Contact us to get booked in.