• Brand New Guitar

    Sterling Sub Cutlass SSS

    • Detail

      Poplar body in Charcoal Frost finish
      White pick guard
      Hard maple neck 
      22-fret laurel fingerboard
      25.5" scale length 
      Diecast machine heads
      Three single-coil pickups
      Volume and tone controls
      5-way pickup selector
      Fulcrum tremolo bridge

      Please Note:
      This brand new guitar came in to us with a slight cosmetic imperfection - This is hopefully apparent in the additional photos supplied. The contoured edge on the front of the body appears to have been machined a little less than perfectly, and has been lacquered over. This means that, under the light, it's possible to see a slight dimple in the curve of the body - call it a one-off!

      There is also the tiniest scratch on the headstock from, we presume, when the strings were fitted. This has proven more difficult to photograph due to how slight it is. It's not a big deal as these things do happen, but worth pointing out for the sake of transparency!