Felix, 11

Here's Felix with a full drum cover of Nirvana's 1991 song "In Bloom".

Here you'll find videos of some of our students showing off what they've learned in their lessons here in the shop.

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Luke, 16

Luke busting out some Korn.

Nu Metal lives on!

Charlotte, 15

Charlotte's playing The Front Bottoms' "Grand Finale". Let's rock, let's rock... Today.

Katie, 11

A pop punk classic! Katie practices her off-beats to The Offspring.

Felix, 11

Nine months of progress since his Nirvana video, this is how the hard work pays off!

Kian, 14

Yes Bro! Kian worked hard to get this one down. *Naughty Lyrics Warning*

James, 14

Strange what the kids are in to these days.

James got this down first take!

Kian, 14

Kian got this one down in record time - Good work, mate!